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Privacy Policy

This clause includes the policy of Maram Altawfeer Corporation in the way it collects information about visitors, whether on the site or any other channel affiliated with us on social networking sites.

* You must make sure that once you enter the website of Maram Altawfeer Trading Corporation, you acknowledge that you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed below, as we collect the necessary information from those wishing to use our various websites over the Internet, including correspondence and phone contact.

* Must see the exchange and return policy.

* When you provide us with your personal information, you have authorized us to process this information in accordance with the privacy policy clause.

We collect information when:

* You visit or interact with our website and social media.

* You buy, order, or return.

* You contact us by correspondence or calling customer service.

* You participate with us in offers, competitions, and more.

Types of information we collect:

*The name .

* E-mail .

* Phone or mobile number.

* Location .

* Information about the buying or selling process.

To inquire more about the privacy policy, please contact:

*Mobile number :


Or by e-mail: